January 19, 2021


Pas Reform lauches SmartVac™, next generation of in-ovo vaccination and nutrition



Royal Pas Reform has announced the launch of its latest innovation in early nutrition and animal welfare-friendly production practices.

The SmartVac™ in-ovo vaccination and nutrition system will be officially unveiled to a global audience at IPPE 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States.

A new, patented technology, SmartVac™ allows 100% safe, consistent and accurate in-ovo vaccination and nutrition. It delivers the injectables only into the amniotic fluid, thus preventing possible injury to the growing embryo.

SmartVac™ will enable the poultry industry to apply a wide range of vaccines in-ovo, including Gumboro, Marek, Newcastle disease and Coccidiosis vaccines. This is optionally performed in combination with nutritional components – for chickens with a healthy gut, favourable microbiota, enhanced immunity and improved field performance.

SmartVac™ is designed to maximise the safety of the injection process by focusing on the development level and needs of the growing embryo. The Embryo Soft Touch® EST® sensor on the injector allows automatic and individual adaptation of the injection depth to each single embryo, regardless of egg and embryo size.

EST® also detects when the setter tray has an empty egg position, or contains non-viable eggs (infertiles or early deads), thus helping to reduce wastage of valuable vaccine. Only eggs containing grown embryos are inoculated with vaccine or nutrition.

Bouke Hamminga, Royal Pas Reform’s director of sales and business development, will deliver a session on SmartVac™, the next-generation in-ovo vaccination and nutrition, in the 2022 IPPE TECHTalks programme.

- Pas Reform

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