January 19, 2004



Tiger Prawns Seen As Alternative To Poultry Meat in Thailand


In the midst of the bird flu outbreak across the region, Thais are turning to black tiger prawns as a substitute for chicken, Poj Aramwattananond, vice chairman of Thailand Black Tiger Prawn Raisers and Exporters Association said.

Aramwattananond added that higher demand has caused prices of black tiger prawns to increase substantially.

One kilogramme of prawns can now fetch 180-200 baht, compared to 140-160 baht per kilo last November.

The higher prices were also attributed to lower supply in the market, as many raisers had decided to cut back production in the wake of low prices last year.

He said the association would monitor the situation closely to ensure that prices do not plummet again when supplies peak during April-May.

Mr Poj pointed out the prawn industry had been badly affected by the anti-dumping measures of the United States, which is the country's No.1 prawn export market.

He said Thailand was trying to increase exports to Japan and the European Union.

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