January 18, 2023


Danone aims to cut its methane emissions from its milk by 30%



Danone aims to reduce methane emissions from its fresh milk supply chain by almost one-third over the next seven years, making them the first major food company to set goals in line with a commitment made by 150 nations to reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas from cows' burps, Yahoo! Finance reported.


Danone said that actions like better management of dairy herds, manure, and feed additives will enable it to fulfil the Global Methane Pledge, which calls for a collective effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030. It was introduced at COP26 in 2021, and 150 nations have since signed it.


It is much more difficult to reduce methane emissions from the agricultural sector than it is from the oil and gas industry. According to the UN Environment Programme, 40% of methane emissions are thought to be caused by agriculture and livestock. 8% of methane emissions are attributed to humans, according to Danone.


Small farms and farmers, who frequently lack the resources to address these emissions, make up a larger portion of the sources of methane in the dairy industry.


Chris Adamo, vice president of regenerative agriculture policy at Danone, said the company will concentrate on three ways to reduce methane beginning with ensuring farmers take better care of cows. He said a well-managed and healthy herd can reduce emissions per litre of milk and enhance farmers' livelihoods through increased productivity.


The French dairy industry is working on projects in Belgium, Spain, and the US to turn waste into renewable biogas in order to better manage manure and prevent it from fermenting and producing more methane.


Emissions can also be decreased by modifying cow feed to cause less burping. Bovaer, a food additive developed by Royal DSM, was the subject of a pilot study by Danone in Belgium, where it was discovered that it could cut methane emissions by 18%. Additionally, Symbrosia, a business looking into seaweed as a food additive to cut down on methane emissions, has received funding from Danone's venture arm.


In comparison to 2020, Danone anticipates a reduction in methane emissions of 1.2 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent by 2030. The French organisation claimed that between 2018 and 2020, it had already cut its methane emissions by about 14%.


By 2025, New Zealand, the world's biggest exporter of dairy products, will start taxing agricultural emissions. Before 2030, Irish farmers are anticipated to reduce emissions by 25%. Denmark wants to reduce emissions from forestry and agriculture by up to 65%. Danone declined to comment on whether it will reduce the amount of milk it uses to meet the goal. Adamo said the pledge is intended to ensure the future of cow's milk.


-      Yahoo! Finance

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