January 18, 2022

Kenya's animal feed price reaches all time high as maize cost continues increase


The price of animal feeds in Kenya has increased by KSh100 (US$0.88) to reach an all-time high as the cost of maize continues to rise amid a stalemate on the import of yellow grain that is touted to soften the cost.


The price of a 70-kilogramme bag of the dairy meal has gone up from KSh3,400 (US$29.98) last December last year to KSh3,500 (US$30.87). Chick marsh is retailing at KSh4,300 (US$37.91) from KSh4,200 (US$37.03) while layers is now selling at KSh3,900 (US$34.39) from KSh3,800 (US$33.50).


The recent jump marks the highest price to have ever been recorded in Kenya with millers warning that the cost will continue to rise if the current standoff on import of yellow maize is not resolved.


The Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers said the rising cost is in response to an increase in prices of maize that has now hit KSh3,200 (US$28.22) for 90-kg bag from KSh2,800 (US$24.69) amid inadequate supplies in the market.


"The price has gone up by KSh100 across all the feeds and there is a likelihood that this will continue going up until an intervention measure to address this is put in place," said Joseph Karuri, chairman of the Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers.


The Kenyan Treasury had approved a decision to import yellow maize a month ago following Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta's directive to have an intervention measure in place to address the high cost.


However, importers are unable to commence the process as they cannot find produce that is 100% genetically modified organism (GMO) free.


Feed makers have now written to the treasury asking it to amend the standards and align them to European guidelines that allow a minimum purity of 99.1%.

- Business Daily

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