January 18, 2021
India launches fishes and aquaculture startup challenge


India's Department of Fisheries has launched the "Fisheries Startup Grand Challenge", a competition for startups to present creative solutions for the country's fisheries and aquaculture industry, PIB India reported.


The department has launched the competition in partnership with Startup India and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


Jatinder Nath Swain, India's Secretary Department of Fisheries, said the local fisheries and aquaculture industry is one of the country's fastest emerging sectors, but for the value chain to increase output, productivity, and efficiency, technical innovations are required.


According to the Minister of State, MoFAH&D, solutions for resolving challenges across the fisheries value chain should be found in order to increase aquaculture production from the present national average of 3 tons per hectare to 5 tons per hectare, double export revenues, and reduce post-harvest losses from 25% to 10%.


The themes for the competition include:


    - Create technology/solutions to improve output so that fishermen and fish producers may earn a better price.


    - Develop infrastructure and post-harvest management solutions that will allow fishers and fish farmers to add value, produce value, and realize value across the fisheries value chain with the least amount of waste.


    - Develop commercial solutions and outreach efforts to increase the availability, acceptance, and popularity of fish and fish products within the country's meat-eating population.


    - Create long-term solutions for coastal fisherman to reduce/stop soil erosion, water body siltation, and eco-friendly alternatives.


Submission of applications need to be submitted to the Start-up India portal at www.startupindia.gov.in.


-      PIB India

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