January 18, 2012


Ukraine's 2012 winter wheat crop seen 40% down



The Ukrainian 2012 winter wheat yield is likely to be lessened by 40%, as stated by President of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club, Alex Lissitsa.


"According to our data, approximately 40% of winter cultures, which were sown on Ukraine's territory, with great probability, may perish and this means that next year we will receive the wheat yield by 40% less at the minimum. This will have a considerable impact on the grain market next year. The same is with winter rape," Lissitsa noted.


According to him, next year, there should be no problems with filling the internal market with bred grain. But we will not have large export volumes. Mainly, fodder grain will be exported," he added.


Earlier, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine informed that due to unfavorable meteorological conditions, losses of winter crops may be on the area of two million ha and with further critical development of the situation, the winter wheat yield may be from 12 million tonnes to 16 million tonnes in 2012.