January 17, 2023


Meghalaya, India, proclaims success in expanding livestock industry




The government of Meghalaya, India, has touted its success in increasing the size of the state's livestock industry over the past five years.


With the increase in demand for meat, eggs and dairy products in India, brought about by a more affluent population, Meghalaya is trying to meet its own demands while also creating employment opportunities for its people by promoting the livestock industry, a government press release stated.


"Due to the topography, climate and socioeconomic circumstances of Meghalaya, only about 10% of the state's total land can be used for agricultural purposes," the release said. "A popular source of secondary income the villagers rely on is raising livestock. The application of modern technologies has raised the potential for commercial livestock and poultry farming as a full-time occupation for a decent living. Meghalaya's annual growth rates for milk, eggs and meat over the last three years have been 2.76%, 1.47% and 2.95% respectively."


As far as cattle goes, raising milch cows is a "relatively new concept" in Meghalaya but the state has seen "high growth" in consumption, which has led to commercial success for farmers, according to the release. "Meghalaya has some of the best dairy, draught and dual-purpose cattle breeds. Many of these breeds contain advantageous genes for rapid growth, profusion and adaptability," it said.


Under the Meghalaya Milk Mission, 66 dairy cooperative societies, 588 beneficiaries with 1,066 cattle have been provided financial support.


The state's piggery mission, dubbed the biggest in India, has seen 253 cooperatives given financial support.


Fish farming has been something touted even before the term of the present government and yet the state still has to import most of its fish to meet local demand.


According to the release, the Meghalaya State Aquaculture Mission (MSAM) has led to the production of 16,123 tonnes of fish in 2020-21, which is a 30% increase on the 2016-17 figure, and some 7,000 fish farmers have benefited from MSAM.


Improved poultry rearing practices have now seen a huge growth in egg production capacity, thanks in part to better breeds.


"Efforts are also being made to commercialise the poultry industry by providing poultry farmers with convenient marketing facilities," the release said.


- Highland Post

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