January 17, 2023


Lithuania to export poultry to South Korea and beef to Taiwan


The Lithuania's State Food and Veterinary Service said poultry meat exporters in Lithuania have been granted permits to export poultry to South Korea, and beef exports to Taiwan will also be allowed soon, Lithuania Posts reported.


Taiwanese authorities have confirmed that beginning January 16, Lithuanian companies can export beef and its products to Taiwan.


Kstutis Navickas, Lithuania's Agriculture Minister, said there is significant room for the expansion of trade ties between Taiwan, South Korea, and Lithuania, adding that the coordinated new export permits would increase trade volumes and provide more opportunities for businesses in the food industry.


The steps for securing permits have also begun for the export of egg products to South Korea.


Lithuania exported EUR 13.3 million worth of agricultural and food items to South Korea in 2021, 8.9% higher than in 2020. Thse goods include cheeses and curds, fish products, and animal feed.


Lithuania exports to Taiwan totaled EUR 2.7 million during the three quarters of last year, 98.1% higher than in 2020. Chocolate and other food items containing cocoa, used in animal feed, were the main exports.


Eggs, dairy, and fish products from Lithuania can be exported to Taiwan since the end of 2022.


-      Lithuania Posts

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