January 17, 2007


South Korea to import more pork this year



South Koreans would continue to import more pork this year, despite the possibility of higher prices, industry experts said. 


Pork is the best-selling meat in South Korea , accounting for nearly half of per-capita meat consumption of 33kg a year.


A major reason for this high demand is the South Koreans love for grilled bacon strips.


Even as pork consumption is increasing, domestic pig farming has fallen.


South Korea is now relying ever more on pork imports. According to the South Korea Meat Trade Association, 2006 imports of pork bellies reached an all-time high of 84,000 tonnes, double the volume five years ago.


Since 2004, efforts have been made to promote other parts of pork besides the bacon strips that Koreans are so used to. However, these have met with little success.


Although prices may be going up, demand is not affected and imports are expected to continue increasing this year.

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