January 16, 2023


Husbandry, dairy organisations in China increase efforts to support dairy farmers



Animal husbandry associations and dairy industry associations in China have stepped up efforts to support dairy farmers, and resolve the difficulties facing the industry, according to the Dairy Association of China (DAC).


In the latest move, officials from husbandry associations and dairy industry associations in East China's Shandong Province and North China's Shanxi Province had meetings with companies in the industry. The officials urged dairy enterprises to collect dairy products from farmers at full capacity and breeding farms to perform well in breeding management, in order to effectively reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency.


The Chinese dairy industry is facing oversupply pressure due to a decline in consumption and prices which has led to overstocking of milk products, according to the DAC.


Chinese dairy farmers are facing large losses due to a sharp decline in market demand, while also dealing with excess supply — with some farmers reportedly "dumping milk" or even "slaughtering cows" to cope with difficulties, according to industry insiders.


Meanwhile, local officials have taken measures, including offering subsidies, to support dairy farmers.


- Global Times

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