January 16, 2020


Disease outbreak on Fermanagh, Northern Ireland poultry farm not serious strain


Investigations on a disease outbreak on a poultry farm at Fermanagh, Northern Ireland have concluded and Dr Robert Huey, Northern Ireland chief veterinarian has concluded that the disease is not a serious strain, reported BBC


Movement restrictions on the farm, which has seen a higher than normal mortality rate, have been lifted.


Tests have found that the disease strain discovered on the farm is not one that must be notified to international organisations. Animal health related international organisations must be notified of serious disease outbreaks such as Newcastle disease and bird flu.


Dr Huey said the alert is a reminder for poultry farms in the country to step up biosecurity.


The Fermanagh case is now classified as a standard animal disease and the department will no longer be involved, besides offering advice.


Several cases of H5N8 bird flu have been discovered recently in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary.


Migratory birds infected with disease can pass it on to poultry flocks on farms through contact.


-      BBC

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