January 16, 2004



Indonesian Shrimp Exports To US May See 100% Increase


Shrimp exports to the United States may see 100% increase after the United States dropped charges of shrimp dumping, Indonesia's Marine and Fishery Minister Rokhmin Dahuri said.


Moreover, the outbreak of mad cow disease in the U.S. will certainly prompt the people there to consume more fish and shrimp, he said here on Thursday.


In order to increase shrimp exports, the ministry will also have to intensify the cultivation of shrimp from 600 kilos to two tons per hectare, he noted.


Rokhmin said Indonesia has passed an anti dumping petition on shrimp as required by the US.


To maintain a good image, the government had asked shrimp exporters to make reports which at any time can be verified by the US authorities.

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