January 15, 2024
Norway approves GM rapeseed oil for use in fish feed

Norway's Food and Safety Authority (NFSA) has authorised a genetically modified rapeseed oil made by Nuseed for use in fish feed, making it the first bioengineered commodity approved in the country.


The product, Aquaterra, is derived from Nuseed's proprietary rapeseed oil, which the company said is the world's first plant-based source of the three primary omega-3 fatty acids: DHA, EPA and ALA.


Unlike standard rapeseed oil — otherwise known as canola oil — Aquaterra combines genes from algae and rapeseed oil, giving it twice the amount of omega-3 fatty acids than the latter under normal circumstances.


Fishmeal made with Aquaterra passed the NFSA's assessment, as research found that it did not pose an increased risk to the health of the fish or the environment relative to other conventional fish feeds. The organisation also deemed the fish that ate Aquaterra-based diets safe for human consumption.


"This approval is groundbreaking and a validation of Aquaterra's safety and importance to Norway's salmon industry," said Nuseed group executive Brent Zacharias.


A press release from Nuseed noted that omega-3 oils are crucial to the health of farm-raised salmon and that studies conducted on salmon feeding on food made with Aquaterra produced "higher quality fillets with increased omega-3 content."


The testing was likely a factor in the NSFA's clearance of the oil since Norway is the global leader in farmed salmon production at 1.76 million tonnes each year.



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