January 15, 2020


Ukraine now one of the top five poultry producers globally


TymofiyMylovanov, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture said Ukraine is behind Brazil, the European Union and Thailand in global poultry production, and ahead of Ukraine, reported Kyiv Post.

The minister also said import permits have been issued by the EU for 58,000 tonnes of Ukrainian wheat. This is part of this year's distribution of the tariff quota, with close to the full quota issued for duty-free Ukrainian wheat supplies.


32.08 million tonnes of grain have been exported by Ukraine, 7.8 million tonnes higher in the same 2019/2020 marketing year period (MY, July to June). From this total, 15.1 million tonnes of wheat, 12.8 million tonnes of corn and 3.8 million tonnes of barley were exported.


-      Kyiv Post