January 15, 2013


Ukraine's 2012-13 wheat export forecast up by 200,000 tonnes



Ukraine's wheat export forecast for the current marketing year (July 2012-June 2013) was upgraded by the USDA by 200,000 tonnes from the December forecast, to 6.2 million tonnes.


At the same time, the USDA downgraded its forecast for wheat carry-over stocks at the end of the current marketing year from 2.96 million tonnes to 2.76 million tonnes compared to 5.16 million at the beginning of this marketing year.


The forecast of US experts for other crops remained unchanged: wheat harvest at 15.5 million tonnes, that of corn at 20.5 million tonnes, other cereals at 8.06 million tonnes; corn exports at 12.5 million tonnes, other cereals export at 2.21 million tonnes.


The Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry said that according to preliminary date Ukraine harvested in 2012 about 46.2 million tonnes of grain, compared to a record high of 56.7 million tonnes in 2011.


Grain exports from Ukraine since the beginning of the current marketing year and as of January 9 stood at 14.8 million tonnes, with the forecast for the current marketing year being 23 million tonnes.