January 15, 2010

UK aims to achieve higher pig production


The UK's pig industry has set itself a new target in 2010 achieve higher production rate of achieving what is being called the ''two-tonne sow'' .


A spokesperson for the British Pig Executive (BPEX) said they plan to increase the average carcass weight produced per sow annually up to 2,000kg by the end of this year.


Andrew Knowles, Head of communications of BPEX, said this was the level of output which British pig producers must achieve in order to stay competitive with the rest of European countries.


Knowles said the UK industry can achieve this target through improvements in breeding, accommodation, nutrition, finishing and health status that will add up to increases in the number of pigs per sow per year and carcass weight of slaughter pigs. He emphasised that the whole industry should strive together in order to reach this aim.
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