January 15, 2004



Singapore Bans Thai Chicken Imports


Singapore has suspended some of its chicken imports from Thailand following reports of an outbreak there of fowl cholera, the government said Wednesday.


Imports of all live birds, day-old chicks, whole frozen poultry and poultry offal have been suspended, a statement from the Agri-food and Veterinary Authority said. The statement didn't say how long the ban would be in place.


However, imports of poultry cuts and parts - early 99% of Singapore's chicken imports from Thailand - are still allowed, it added.


Singapore imported about 15,000 tons of chicken meat from Thailand valued at value S$54 million in 2003.


"Singapore is free from fowl cholera," the statement said. "Fowl cholera, if introduced into Singapore can have a devastating effect on our chicken farms."

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