January 13, 2016


EU approval for Syngenta's SOLATENOL™ fungicide




Syngenta's SDHI fungicide, SOLATENOL™, has received approval by EU authorities, its press release stated.


Previously, the product gained approval in the US and Canada.


The registration will allow Syngenta to introduce a number of new offers for the European cereal market. First sales of SOLATENOL™ in France are expected for the 2016 / 2017 season, with total peak sales in Europe potentially reaching US$200 million.


SOLATENOL™ is an SDHI fungicide offering strong performances against Septoria and rusts - two important diseases in Europe which can significantly impact cereals production.


In trials, the fungicide has proven to be extremely consistent in providing excellent disease control on important cereal varieties in a wide range of situations over several years.


Additionally, SOLATENOL's leaf protection feature ensures higher yield and return on investment for farmers. 


"SOLATENOL's registration demonstrates the scale of our new product introductions and underpins Syngenta's global leadership in fungicides," said Jon Parr, COO of Syngenta. "We are delighted that we can bring another winning innovation into the hands of growers."


SOLATENOL™ is also available to growers in Latin America, marketed as ELATUS™ in that region. Sales of the product amounted to more than US$300 million in its first year in Brazil.

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