January 13, 2011


Russia to produce 17.1 million tonnes combined feed annually by 2012


Combined feed production provision in Russia by 2012 should total 17.1 million tonnes annually, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation published in the order number 443 dd. on December 22, 2010.


"On confirming the target industry programme "Combined feed production development in the Russian Federation for 2010-2012," it said on December 28, 2010.


According to the document, the purpose of the programme is to create the conditions for combined feed industry complex development. According to the rates of the programme, combined feed production in Russia in 2011 should total 16.27 million tonnes, protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates – 142,000 tonnes (149,000 tonnes in 2012), premixes – 82,000 tonnes (85,000 tonnes). Within programme it is planned to subsidise the part of expenses for the programme % rates compensation at investment credits for the supporting measures of agricultural enterprise of combined feed production industry in 2010-2012.


The general volume of financing for the programme realisation for the period of 2010-2012 totals RUB23.35 billion (US$0.77 billion), including: own means of enterprises – RUB5.56 billion (US$0.18 billion), investment credits – RUB17.78 (US$0.59).

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