January 12, 2024


Australia reports highest beef exports in five years, surpassing 1 million tonnes in 2023



Australia has achieved its highest beef exports in five years, with shipments surpassing 1.08 million tonnes in the calendar year 2023, according to data released by country’s Department of Agriculture, Beef Central reported.


This marks a significant increase of over 227,000 tonnes or 27% compared to the previous year, which hit a 19-year low. The volume is also 65,000 tonnes or 6% higher than the five-year average for 2019-2023.


December, usually a month of low exports due to holiday-shortened production, witnessed a surge in beef production across eastern Australia, contributing to a robust finish to the season. Total exports in December exceeded 106,000 tonnes, compared to just 76,000 tonnes in the same month a year earlier.


The United States re-emerged as Australia's largest beef export customer by volume, accounting for over 246,000 tonnes of chilled and frozen Australian beef in 2023. This marked a substantial 84% increase from the previous year, representing 23% of all Australian exports.


Japan secured the second spot among Australian export customers in terms of volume, closely followed by China. Japan's demand for chilled and grain fed beef made it a higher-value market. China, with 206,191 tonnes of Australian beef, experienced a significant 30% increase from the previous year but remains below the peak recorded in 2019.


South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Middle Eastern countries also showed increased demand for Australian beef in 2023. However, the United Kingdom, despite the activation of the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement, ranked 19th on Australia's export customer base, with only 2,406 tonnes exported.


Australia's beef export landscape reflects a diverse market scenario, with continuous efforts to strengthen global trade relations and meet varied consumer demands. The outlook for 2024 suggests further growth in Australian beef exports, particularly to the US, as the country reduces its domestic slaughter for herd rebuilding.Top of Form

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-       Beef Central

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