January 12, 2005



Ukraine's Grain Harvest In 2004 Doubled On Year To 41.72 Million Tons


Ukraine harvested 41.72 million tons of grain in clean weight, including corn in 2004, double the amount harvested in 2003, according to preliminary figures released in Kiev Tuesday by the state statistics committee.


The total harvest included 20 million tons of milling grain and 21.72 million tons of feed grain.

The grain was harvested on 14.77 million hectares, an increase of 32.9% on the year. Better weather conditions than in 2003 helped increase the average yield by 55.5% to 2.83 tons a hectare, the highest yield in the last 11 years.


The wheat harvest was 17.51 million tons, five times the amount harvested in 2003. The harvested area more than doubled on the year to 5.54 million hectares, and the average yield increased to 3.16 tons/hectare from 1.47 tons in 2003.


The corn harvest was 8.79 million tons, 27.9% more than in 2003. The harvested area increased by 15% to 2.3 million hectares and the average yield increased to 3.83 tons/hectare from 3.46 tons in 2003.