January 11, 2024


Tyson Foods, Cargill suspend operations at Kansas, US beef plants due to snowstorm



In response to a severe snowstorm, major United States meatpackers Tyson Foods and Cargill announced the temporary suspension of operations at beef plants in Kansas, impacting meat production and raising concerns over potential supply chain disruptions, Yahoo! Finance reported.


Blizzard-like conditions have led to significant challenges for meatpacking workers, with reports of individuals stranded on highways and some spending the night at the slaughterhouses where they are employed. Both Tyson Foods and Cargill took precautionary measures to ensure the safety of their employees.


Cargill reported the suspension of operations at its Dodge City, Kansas plant due to snow, cold temperatures, and power outages. The company stated that the plant would resume operations once power is restored and conditions are deemed safe, with expectations for a potential reopening as early as Wednesday.


said Chuck Miller, a spokesman for Cargill, confirmed that some employees faced road closures and were assisted by hired tow truck drivers. Out of approximately 2,850 employees, around 50 remained at the plant due to road closures, while the majority successfully made it home, according to Miller.


Tyson Foods, on the other hand, cancelled both shifts at its Holcomb, Kansas beef plant. The company provided an option for workers to shelter in place at the facility, ensuring they had access to a hot meal and drinks. Employees were allowed to leave the plant the next day.


The winter storm has significantly impacted transportation in the region, leading to approximately 60 to 100 vehicles getting stuck on roads near Cargill's plant and others stranded near Tyson's facility. The Kansas Department of Transportation played a role in advising Cargill of highway closures amid the challenging weather conditions.


The disruptions at these beef plants have contributed to a broader decline in meat production, with an estimated 25% decrease in cattle slaughtering nationwide, according to the US Department of Agriculture.


-       Yahoo! Finance

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