January 11, 2005



Argentina's November 2004 Soyoil Exports Up 5.5% From 2003


Argentina's year-on-year soybean oil exports rose in November, the latest Agriculture Secretariat data show.


Argentina exported 516,106 metric tons of soyoil in November, or 5.5% more than the 489,248 exported during the same month in 2003.


Exports rose even though China, the top buyer of local soyoil, bought less than a year ago. China bought 177,170 tons of soyoil in November, compared with 252,302 tons a year earlier.


However, sales to India - the No. 2 buyer - were up in November at 93,910 tons compared with only 33,100 a year ago.


Pakistan ranked third, buying 30,500 tons compared with 19,000 tons the previous year.




Meanwhile, Argentina exported 1,423,808 tons of soymeal and pellets in November, down 6.5% from the 1,523,147 tons shipped during the same month last year.


The Secretariat does not distinguish between meal and pellets in its monthly report.


The Netherlands was the top market for soymeal and pellets in November, buying 197,977 tons compared with 217,091 tons the previous year.


Spain was second, buying 180,612 tons, down from 248,368 tons a year earlier.


Italy came in third with purchases of 149,852 tons, up from 95,677 tons a year ago.


Argentina is the world's No. 1 soyoil and soymeal exporter.

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