January 10, 2023


Iran's farming mechanisation rate for wheat and barley over 85%


Iran's Ministry of Agriculture Jihad (MAJ) said the country's farming mechanisation rate for wheat and barley has more than quadrupled in the last decade, with over 85% mechanised, PressTV reported.


Karim Zolfaghari, MAJ's head of farming mechanisation department, said that over 85% of wheat and barley farming activities in Iran had been mechanised, up from less than 20% 10 years ago.


Zolfaghari said Iran's average farm mechanisation level has reached 2.5 horsepower per hectare, which he deemed to be "desirable", adding that Iran now had over 350 domestic suppliers of tractors and other agricultural equipment.


He also said Iran's agricultural productivity had increased and its standards for environmental protection had been raised thanks to a higher rate of farming mechanisation and increased activity by domestic businesses.


Zolfaghari said MAJ has provided assistance to businesses that manufacture the equipment required for conservation agriculture, a farming method that encourages minimal soil disturbance and plant species diversification.


He said based on Iran's specific farming requirements, prototypes of the equipment used in conservation agriculture practises have been produced.


The official said by introducing conservation agriculture, the farmers will be able to witness its impacts, including water efficiency in their farms, after three years.


-      PressTV

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