January 10, 2020


Okinawa reports latest case of classical swine fever since 1986


The Agriculture Ministry confirmed a classical swine fever (CSF) case at a swine farm in Okinawa, the first time a new case was reported since 1986, reported The Japan Times.


1,800 swine are planned to be culled at the farm in Uruma and at another suspected CSF-infected farm by the Okinawa Prefectural Government, following local laws.


CSF, believed to be primarily transmitted by wild boars in Japan, have already been reported in 12 prefectures in the country, which include the Chubu and Kanto regions, such as Aichi, Mie and Saitama.


The ministry is currently investigating the CSF infection in Okinawa, as the swine could have been infected from a different route compared to previous cases.


Seizo Inamine, Okinawa pig farming promotion council chairman said farmers have boosted outbreak prevention measures in the wake of the CSF outbreak in Gifu and is disappointed that the disease has entered Okinawa. The council has requested for vaccination to halt the spread of the disease.


Swine production began in Okinawa from the 15th century, but business dropped during World War II. However, swine production in Okinawa has been booming thanks to the prefecture's promotion of Agu, its Okinawan swine breed, as a premium brand.


Swine shipments hit 330,000 tonnes in fiscal 2018.


-      The Japan Times

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