January 10, 2020


UK poultry farmers on alert after suspected bird flu case in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland


The Department of Agriculture has urged poultry farmers to boost biosecurity on their farms as the authorities investigate a suspected bird flu case in County Fermanagh, reported The Irish Times and BBC.


The suspected avian disease case was discovered among broiler breeder flock in a chicken farm at County Fermanagh, southwest Northern Ireland.


Tests are currently being conducted to find out if the disease is a strain of bird flu or if it is Newcastle disease. As a precaution, a quarantine has been imposed onto the farm.


Poultry farmers in the country have been urged to boost biosecurity in their farms in the wake of a possible bird flu outbreak.


The disease becomes more susceptible during winter as wild migratory birds can be infected, which can be transferred to flocks in farms should these wild birds come in contact with them.


-      The Irish Times and BBC

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