January 10, 2020


UK ban on US-chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-treated beef to remain after Brexit


Theresa Villiers, environment secretary, said the current European Union ban on both United States chlorinated chicken and beef treated with hormones will remain after the United Kingdom leaves the EU, reported BBC.


Villiers spoke to BBC Countryfile, emphasising the legal barriers imposed on the imports of both foods which will remain. The issue had remained uncertain until it was clarified by Villiers.


Previously, she spoke about imposing tariffs on future US chicken and beef imports. 


She said the country will uphold its high animal welfare standards, and protect its national interests and values.


The EU has banned imports of chlorine washed chicken as it permits US farmers to be insensitive to chicken welfare.


The ban on hormone-treated beef imports is due to growth enhancing chemicals in the hormones which may negatively affect humans who eat the beef, a statement which the US rejects.


According to the US, these bans were imposed by the EU to safeguard its own local producers. The US said the trade of both chicken and beef is pivotal in any post-Brexit deal between the US and the UK.


While the environment secretary's promise might make British consumers happy, it may derail Britain's trade negotiations with the US.


-      BBC