January 10, 2013


Legumex Walker announces Pacific Coast Canola's production commencement

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During the final week of December 2012, Pacific Coast Canola (PPC) oilseed processing facility in Warden, Washington commenced production and completed its first sale and shipment of rapeseed oil and meal, as announced on Tuesday (Jan 8) by Legumex Walker Inc.


"We are thrilled to have the PCC facility in service producing super--degummed expeller-pressed canola oil and canola meal so quickly, and ahead of schedule," said Joel Horn, President and Chief Executive Officer, Legumex Walker Inc.


Legumex Walker Inc. is focused on ramping up production at the Pacific Coast Canola facility to capacity of 1,100 tonnes per day of rapeseed, which will yield approximately 400 tonnes per day of refined, bleached and deodorised oil - the highest grade of rapeseed oil. The Pacific Coast Canola facility, in Warden, Washington, is the first and only  commercial--scale rapeseed crushing operation west of the Rocky Mountains, and is well positioned to supply the expanding demand for rapeseed products on the west coast of the US.


"The operating team at PCC may have set a new record for the amount of time to transition from commissioning to production," said Greg Waranica, Sales Manager Oils & Fats for Crown Iron Works Company, the world's leading oilseed processing technology firm and the provider of the Preparation, Pressing and Extraction processes.


Demand for rapeseed oil is expected to grow significantly over the long term as food processors respond to consumer preferences for healthier oils and government bans on trans-fat oils. Growth is expected to be especially pronounced in the US, where rapeseed oil comprises just 10% of the edible oil market compared to 70% in Canada.


From 2005-11, growth in rapeseed oil consumption in the US grew more than 80%. "The completion of the PCC facility in Warden is a milestone for production agriculture in The Pacific Northwest," said, Matt Upmeyer, General Manager, Pacific Coast Canola, LLC.


Pacific Coast Canola, LLC  operates the first and only commercial--scale rapeseed crushing operation  west of the Rocky Mountains (located in Warden, Washington), which is well positioned to supply the expanding demand for rapeseed products on the west coast  of the US. With crush capacity of 1,100 tonnes of rapeseed per day, the PCC facility produces high quality expeller--pressed rapeseed oil and rapeseed meal.


The Warden plant has a design output capacity of 142,500 tonnes (approximately 314,000 pounds) of rapeseed oil and 227,000 tonnes of rapeseed meal per year. Pacific Coast Canola is 85% owned by Legumex Walker and 15% by Glencore Grain Investment LLC.  Legumex Walker is growth--oriented processor and merchandiser of pulses (beans, lentils, peas and chickpeas), other special crops (sunflowers and flax) and rapeseed products. In addition, the Company has an 85% interest in Pacific Coast Canola, LLC, which operates the first and only commercial-- scale rapeseed oil processing facility West of the Rocky Mountains.

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