January 10, 2012


Moldova updates egg labelling for export markets



Moldova is hauling its domestic legislation to closely compile with the requirements of key importing nations of the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) as it prepares to increase egg exports in the next few years. 


Since January 1, egg producers are required to label each egg. The special mark on the egg must specify the country of origin, locality, company code and date of manufacture. In addition, it is necessary to refine its category. The number, one means that the bird is grown on the ground, two: grown free, three: in the cage.


Ion Byzgu, director of Avicola Moldova, one of the largest producers of poultry meat and eggs in the country, said that 100% of the egg production enterprises presently have the necessary equipment. According to him, the price of eggs due to the introduction of the new requirements will not rise.


According to preliminary data up to 2011 Moldova has produced about 750 million eggs, which is 19% higher than in 2009, but only 4% higher than the level of 2010. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the country's lack of sales markets is the key factor that restrains the development of egg production in the country. The main importers of eggs from Moldova today are Ukraine, Georgia, Syria and Iraq, which have a total share of 83% out of all deliveries.


The introduction of new rules of labelling eggs, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, will help Moldova to open new sales markets, in particular, the United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Belarus and Russia.

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