January 9, 2014


Brazil's 2013 poultry exports up 3.4%



In 2013, Brazilian poultry exports reached 3.891 million tonnes, up 3.4% versus the previous year, however, the volume shipped decreased by 0.7% compared to 2012.


According to the information released by the Brazilian Poultry Union (Ubabef) this Tuesday (Jan 7), shipments revenues added up to US$7.966 billion, which is 3.4% greater than in 2012.


The Ubabef president, Francisco Turra, stated that 2013 was a year for recovery in the sector, which had faced times of crisis in 2012. That year, producers had to deal with an increase in input prices, such as corn, which had a raise due to the harvest break in the US.


Also in 2012, a truckers' strike caused damages to the poultry supply, where the sector wrote a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture, requesting measures be taken to help producers.


"During the first semester in 2013, the sector's exports were still suffering the impacts of the crisis of the previous year, with a monthly average of 315,000 tonnes [in exports]. We recovered our beat during the second semester, with an average of 333,620 tonnes, allowing us to almost reach our volume performance of the two previous years," stated Turra.


According to the evaluation made by the Ubabef, the sector recovered in 2013, even with the low performance in December. In the last month of the year exports reached 324,000 tonnes, quantity below the second semester average, and 4.4% lower than the total shipped in December 2012, according to the association.


There was also a decrease in the sector's revenues in December, with poultry export earnings added up to US$616.8 million, 13.9% less than in the previous year.