January 9, 2009

Prairie Orchard Farms to sell omega 3 pork in Canada

Prairie Orchard Farms with the help of new Chinese investors, is poised to become the first to market heart -healthy omega-3 pork in grocery stores across Canada.


The Canadian company which has been developing omega-3 enriched meats for eight years is beginning its major retail launch in Winnipeg at five Foodfare stores.


Prairie vice-president Joe Frend said the products will be sold across Canada within two months.


Prairie is the first and only company to receive approval from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the USDA as a producer of omega-3 pork and chicken.


An infusion of capital from its new offshore partners has enabled it to take its products to national and international markets.


Chinese investors are also helping Prairie to open doors in China, where its omega-3 products are now going through the approval process.


The company has received interest from China's two biggest pork producers, who are looking to produce omega-3 pork in partnership with Manitoba, as well as from the US and France.


Prairie president Willy Hoffmann said in preparation for selling its omega-3 pork nationally and internationally, it has already arranged with independent and large vertically-integrated companies in Western Canada to produce up to four million hogs yearly.


Hog producers are expected to benefit from higher prices for the niche product.


To produce omega-3 pork, pigs are fed a special grain-flax ration that the company has contracted to produce at a feed mill in Winnipeg.

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