January 8, 2024


China's New Hope takes 7% of poultry feed market in Bangladesh, according to report




China's New Hope, which started production at its feed mill in Gazipur, Bangladesh, in 2006, is now one of the largest poultry feed producers in the country, with about 7% of market share there, Xinhua reported.


Farmers in Gazipur said New Hope helps them get quality feeds at a competitive price. They added that poultry farming serves as a trigger for growth of the rural economy.


"From New Hope, we've learned a lot about modern farming with the help of their service team in the field," said one farmer, Rashed Kabir. He added that many are motivated to engage in poultry farming due to the support New Hope offers apart from providing quality feeds, which are cheaper compared to other companies.


"We collect samples from the farmers… then we diagnose the disease through various tests," said Rabeya Sultana Soma, a veterinarian at a New Hope-run veterinary lab which is the first in the private sector to diagnose poultry diseases in Bangladesh.


Soma added that because of the establishment of the lab, marginal farmers are getting services from them.


"They know how the disease is happening and how prevalent it is so that they can treat it at the right time to increase their productivity," said the veterinarian.


According to He Quanshui, regional president of New Hope, said New Hope's production capacity of feed in Bangladesh is 400,000 metric tonnes per year and 40 million chicks annually.


With service and training provded by New Hope, local farmers are becoming experts in the breeding field through the company's high-quality veterinary pharmaceutical products and management technology.


According to He, New Hope also actively takes social responsibility and make contributions to society. They are cooperating with the Asian Development Bank in training local female farmers, aiming to train 7,200 female farmers. 2,415 of them have now learned skills in poultry farming.


"I believe that Chinese companies like New Hope can bring a better life to the people of Bangladesh, with their decades of management experience and thousands of employees," said He.


- Xinhua

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