January 8, 2007


European pig producers see rising incomes



On average, in 2006 EU pig producers earned 4.5 percent more for their finisher pigs than in 2005 on an average 2006 pig price of EUR 1.419 per kilogramme slaughterweight according to the German pig producers' organisation (ISN).


The organisation collects national figures of thirteen EU member states to derive average prices per kilogramme slaughterweight of a standard pig.


In 2005 the average European price was EUR 1.358 and in 2004 EUR 1.322.


Pig producers in Italy had the highest prices at EUR 1.517 and Italy was also the country with the strongest growth in pig prices at 12.8 percent.


Spain, where prices grew 7.9 percent fell from the top place to number two with an average price of EUR 1.514. Great Britain and Germany had the third and fourth place respectively. Britain's prices grew 1.4 percent to EUR1.502 while Germany's prices grew 4.8 percent to EUR 1.453.  


Poland saw the lowest prices at EUR 1.275. It was the only country seeing lower pork prices, which fell by 2.7 percent due to the fact that major markets Ukraine and Russia were closed off to Polish pork exports.


Denmark, a major pork supplier in Europe, saw pork prices growing by 5.3 percent but its average pork price of EUR 1.341 puts it near the bottom.