January 8, 2004



Australia Cattle Council Supports Tougher Regulation On Live Exports


The Cattle Council of Australia today supported a report recommending tougher regulation of the live animal export trade.


Council president Keith Adams said the proposals, contained in the Keniry report into the MV Cormo Express affair, would go some way to restoring public confidence in the trade.


The report has backed tougher regulations, including government approval of live export licences and oversight of shipments by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS).


The Australian live cattle industry is worth more than $500 million, with most markets in South-East Asia.


Mr Adams said the report's recommendations could ensure the long-term survival of the live trade.


"I have no doubt that the live export trade can be conducted on a sustainable basis and that many improvements have already been made," he said in a statement.


"However the council had been a vocal critic of a number of arrangements surrounding the management surrounding the live export trade."


The council last year urged AQIS take complete control of the administration of standards within the live trade.


Mr Adams said co-regulation of the industry, the current practice, could be retained but only if the industry was prepared to change.


"While most producers and members of the general public do not support a ban on live exports, as proposed by radical elements in the animal liberation movements, there is agreement that changes must be made to the way the live export trade is managed."

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