January 7, 2015


Monsanto and FMC expand joint marketing of crop management products

Monsanto has sealed an agreement with FMC Agricultural Solutions in which the joint marketing of both companies' products for crops management and protection will be expanded.


The deal includes Monsanto's Roundup Ready PLUS Crop Management Solutions and FMC's Hero insecticide which are targeted to corn, cotton and soybean growers.


Crop Management Solutions is an extension from Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions.


Under the current terms, certain FMC herbicides will receive continual endorsement including the Authority brand of soybean pre-emergence residual herbicides. The brand consists of Authority Assist, Authority First, Authority Maxx, Authority MTZ and Authority XL.


"The relationship with FMC Agricultural Solutions helps us ensure that growers have an additional tool for crop management that allows their crops to thrive," said Chris Reat, the marketing manager for Roundup Ready PLUS. 


"By enhancing the Roundup Ready PLUS platform with Hero insecticide, we are ensuring corn, soybean and cotton growers have access to an excellent product for managing insects and protecting crop yield".


Based on research-backed recommendations, the Roundup Ready PLUS platform is developed to boost performances of Roundup Ready crops.


Hero insecticide is a potent combination of two pyrethroid-based insecticides with complimentary activity against 45 labeled insects, including kudzu bugs, aphids, brown marmorated stinkbugs and mites. It provides a stronger control on multi-pest complexes common in corn, soybeans and cotton, in addition to more than 80 labeled crops.

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