January 7, 2009

Brazil's December corn exports exceed 1 million tonnes


In December, Brazil exported 1.36 million tonnes of corn, up 51 percent on-year and up 76 percent from November, according to data from the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex).


Shipments in Decembers greatly surpassed the 2008 monthly average of slightly more than 500,000 tonnes.


In December 2007, Brazil exported 901,000 tonnes of corn. In year 2007, Brazil exported nearly 11 million tonnes of corn. During the past year, the corn sector shipped a total of 6.4 million tonnes, most of it traded in December.


The country's corn stocks are currently around 14 million tonnes, according to government's grains research agency Conab, but local demand has fallen as local meat producers cut back on production due to a slow down in local and world markets.