January 6, 2015


Paraguay overtakes Uruguay as 6th-largest beef exporter



Paraguay has replaced Uruguay as the sixth-largest beef exporter in the world after sustained export growth based on substantial improvement in animal genetics and sustained efforts to enter new markets, the president of the Rural Association of Paraguay said.


Germán Ruiz said Paraguayan livestock has grown 5-5.5% in terms of volume for the past 13 years, adding, though, that this does not necessarily translate into more money. Between 2000 and 2013 the Paraguayan cattle herd also grew by 37%.


"Paraguay continues to grow and has areas to develop, and this government should not make previous mistakes and it should understand that the farmer significantly helps the economy,'' Ruiz said.


Ruiz urged the government to boost livestock growth particularly in the inland areas of the country.


He also batted for investment incentives in the livestock sector to ensure food security for its population.


Ruiz stressed the important role of the meat industry in the economy of Paraguay, saying meat production is the most important subsector within the industrial GDP.


"The growth of Paraguay as an exporter of beef is one of the most remarkable features of this process," he said.

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