January 6, 2012


Ukraine's winter wheat harvest faces potential 46% drop


Due to poor weather conditions, Ukraine's winter-wheat harvest could fall as much as 46% this year, according to the government.


The crop may come to between 12 - 16 million tonnes, "should weather conditions for winter wheat plants continue to be critical," the Kiev-based cabinet said in a statement on its website today (Jan 6). That compares with last year's 22.4 million tonnes.


Milling-quality wheat will account for 6 - 8 million tonnes of the 2012 harvest, the cabinet said, against 13.5 million tonnes last year.


Stockpiles will meet domestic needs and leave an exportable surplus, according to the statement. Carryover grain inventories probably will be about 9.1 million tonnes as of July 1, the cabinet said.