Royal DSM announced on December 1 the update of its OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® guidelines to deliver more sustainable animal production practices.

The guidelines help producers improve animal health and welfare by providing animals with high-quality vitamins in the optimal amount.

Vitamin levels require regular review and the new 2022 OVN™ guidelines ensure producers have access to the most reliable information to make informed decisions around these adjustments. The OVN™ guidelines can be adapted across all animal species, achieving peak health and performance across the board to achieve more sustainable animal production.

To meet rising demand for livestock, DSM worked with researchers and nutritionists to develop new guidelines which identify the best vitamin and feed pairings, ensuring the best nutritional content is delivered. These guidelines have been built upon more than 100 years of experience within the nutrition industry amid extensive research and development.

Han Lee, senior director of essential products at DSM North America, said: "As the industry leader in animal nutrition, we are extremely proud to share these updated OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® guidelines. These will allow producers to better understand the importance of vitamin levels in feed and, importantly, the benefits to sustainability.

Although, proportionally, vitamins make up only a small part of an animal's diet and cost, incorrect levels can have a huge impact on overall health, DSM said.

Perfecting the amount given to a specific species has enormous benefits across the whole value chain, increasing producer's profitability and both the nutritional benefits for the end consumer and the shelf life of the product.

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