January 5, 2021


Japan ceases inspection on imports of black tiger shrimp from India



Japan will lift completely inspection measures on black tiger shrimp imported from India as residues of the synthetic antibacterial drug furazolidone was no longer detected in any of these cargoes, The New Indian Express reported last month.


The Food Inspection and Safety Division, operating under Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, conveyed the decision to the Embassy of India in Japan, the Export Inspection Council of India and India's Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA).


In a letter dated December 1, the Japanese agency said the inspection order to check furazolidone on farmed black tiger shrimp from India had been fully lifted. Shipments of the species now must pass regular internal monitoring controls, a mandatory requirement applied to all seafood products sold in Japan.


In April, MPEDA said the inspection order had been lifted for India's black tiger shrimp consignments, but it did not say whether the decision was temporary or permanent. The decision was made after an expert team from Japan carried out an inspection visit to black tiger shrimp hatcheries, farms and processing units in India on March 2-6.


Following the team's inspections, the MHLW decreased the sampling frequency for cargoes of Indian black tiger shrimp to 30% from 100%.


About 40% of India's black tiger shrimp is exported to Japan, with the remainder to the European Union, the United States, and other markets. 


- SeafoodSource