January 5, 2007


EU may re-introduce meat and bone meal in poultry and pig feed



Seeking to break a sacrosanct rule that banned protein in animal feed since mad cow disease ravaged the European continent a decade ago, an EU institution is now advocating that proteins from pigs be used in poultry feed and that poultry proteins to be used for pig feed.


According to the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), research shows that meat and bone meal

derived from non-ruminants can be used in poultry and pig feed without risking human health.


The rule forbidding animal protein in feed has long put EU companies at a disadvantage in the form of extra costs needed to dispose of pig carcasses and paying higher prices for alternative vegetable protein sources to be used in animal feed, the EESC says.


The ESC therefore advocate changing the animal by-product regulation, but at the same time ensuring cannibalism do not occur that would see poultry feed fed to hogs and vice versa. 


This means even tighter regulatory measures for such meal to ensure that cross contamination do not occur.


One example would be to ensure that proteins that are used in such feed come from healthy pigs and birds, slaughtered in separate abattoirs.

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