January 5, 2004



Australian Cattle Sales To Indonesia Expected To Stay Strong


Australian live cattle exporters from the Northern Territory (NT) are expecting sales to Indonesia to stay strong in 2004, despite a recent fall in numbers.


In the last four months of 2003, exports to Indonesia dropped by 36 per cent as the strong Aussie dollar made cattle too expensive for the Indonesians' liking.


NT Livestock Exporters Association Patrick Underwood is just back from a trip to Indonesia and he feels better about the prospects for 2004.


"I thought the general feeling in Indonesia was quite good," he said.


"Certainly some of the importers we saw were looking to take more cattle.


"[It] has been a very good market - it has taken 50 per cent of the cattle out of the Northern Territory and will end up taking about 50 per cent of cattle out of Australia, and they have managed to do that in fairly tough trading conditions.


"There's no reason to suggest that Indonesia won't be a very strong market."

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