January 4, 2023


Zambia denies rumours that it has permitted wheat imports.



The Zambian government has denied rumours that it had permitted wheat imports into the country, Xinhua News reported.


Reuben Mtolo Phiri, Zambia's Minister of Agriculture, said in contrast to reports, the government has not yet issued any permits for imports of wheat.


He said that the government was committed to collaborating with the nation's wheat farmers and that any developments would be respectfully shared with all parties involved.


The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), the country's umbrella organisation for farmers, expressed shock over reports that Zambia's Ministry of Agriculture had permitted the importation of 125,000 metric tonnes of wheat despite the fact that local farmers had already produced enough for national consumption.


The association's president, Jervis Zimba, said it was regrettable that the government made the choice so soon after the local farmers had finished harvesting their wheat.


He said Zambia was currently enjoying a stable supply of wheat thanks to local production, adding that any decisions regarding wheat imports should be made in consultation with local producers.


-      Xinhua News

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