January 4, 2023


Pakistan permits import of soybean meals




Pakistan's Ministry of Food Security and Research (MoFS&R) has decided to allow and facilitate import of soybean meals to resolve the issue of oilseeds stuck at a port.


The months-long saga of the oilseeds stuck at Port Qasim had been settled with the government making special provisions to release the oilseeds stuck at the port due to bureaucratic red-taping. The issue had seriously impacted the poultry and livestock industry.


According to a source in the ministry, the food department would be issuing import permit and facilitate the import of soybean meals as an alternative solution to  a crisis that happened after the suspension of imported oilseed vessels at Karachi due to shipments being genetically modified organisms.


The move came as an announcement of countrywide protest on January 5 was made by the Pakistan Poultry Association which protests the shortage of feed.


"We demand the government to allow import of soybean meals, the basic ingredient of poultry feed," the association said. "What we need is the availability of meals for the poultry industry… and enough stock of feed can pave the way for the availability of affordable chicken for the masses."


Soybean meal is the key ingredient of poultry feed, accounting to around 80% of it. As Pakistan is facing a soybean shortage, feed mills have not been able to meet demand.


Mian Tariq Javed, president of the Punjab Poultry Farmers Association, said that if import is allowed with a relaxed duty, the shortage of feed can be resolved within 15 days.


- PT Profit

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