January 3, 2023


Cultivating corn on reclaimed lands in Egypt to mitigate feed shortage




The cultivation of corn in Egypt should be expanded on reclaimed lands in New Delta, Toshki, East Owinat, Sinai, New Valley, Western Menya and Matrouh's Maghara in order to deal with the shortage of animal feed in the country, said Ayman Abdel Aal, agricultural expert at the Horticulture Research Institute.


Abdel Aal pointed out that Egypt imports around 10 million tonnes of wheat, 11 million tonnes of yellow corn and four million tonnes of soybean per annum.


The expert highlighted that the poultry industry alone needs around 900,000 tonnes of feed per month. He added that cultivation in reclaimed lands would allow for harvesting in December, and thus, more of the crop, as the harvest season of yellow corn in Egypt is in the summer.


- Egypt Today 

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