January 3, 2020


Australia's bushfires cause more livestock losses


18,000 cattle and sheep which survived the bushfires between the Victoria and New South Wales border suffered serious burns and are forced to be put down, reported The Daily Mail.


Animal welfare officers are monitoring the fire-affected areas in the Upper Marray region, which was devastated after a dry lightning caused a fire on December 30, 2019.


An estimated 12,000 cattle and 6,000 sheep will be put down as the animals have suffered severe burns.


This follows a farmer on Coolagolite, who was forced to shoot 20 injured cattle, or one tenth of his herd as the fire spread in the areas between Cobargo and Bermagui.


About 480 million animals have been lost to the Australian bushfires since it began in October last year, according to experts.


-      The Daily Mail