January 1, 2006


Uruguay sees record meat exports in 2005



Uruguay meat exports rose 21.46 percent in 2005 from the year before, according to the Uruguayan Meat Board.


Until Dec 24, shipments totalled 445.354 tonnes, compared to the 366.650 tonnes in 2004. Sixty-three percent of meat exports, or 279.499 tonnes, was from beef--an increase of 15 percent from 2004. Lamb exports also reached 10.552 tonnes in 2005, a 41.31-percent jump from 2004.


In 2005, meat exports pumped in US$853.2 million into Uruguay, or a rise of 19.65 percent from the US$712.45 million in 2004. Beef exports alone brought in US$731 million for the country in 2005.


North American Free Trade Agreement countries such as the US, Mexico and Canada are the main buyers of Uruguayan meat, making up 77.82 percent of the total 2005 export volume.


US purchased 332.64 tonnes, or US$482 million worth, while the EU bought 45.08 tonnes, or 9.84 percent of total export volumes. Argentina and Brazil made up 3.56 percent of all total export volume.

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