January 2, 2015


India's shrimp industry threatened by 'inbreeding,' farmers claim



India's association of shrimp hatchers said the proliferation of unauthorised hatcheries threatened the industry and urged the setting up of breeding centres to meet the great demand for brood stock and provide quality seed.


L Satyanarain, president of All-India Shrimp Hatcheries' Association, said there was a need to regularise and regulate the unauthorized hatcheries. "Otherwise, the whole industry will be affected and everyone will suffer," he said.


Satyanarain noted that "the number of hatcheries has doubled from 60 to more than 120" on the East Godavari coast in Thondangi and Uppada mandals (administrative districts). He said the proliferation of hatcheries without the requisite safeguards did not augur well for the industry, adding that quality seed holds the key to sustainable shrimp culture.


Satyanarain claimed that some of the farmers and hatcheries resorted to localised breeding at the expense of seed quality.


"Inbreeding leads to viral outbreak and even in Vannamei shrimp ponds there is a viral outbreak now. But it has not yet reached serious proportions, but it would, if no steps are taken now," he said.