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April 26, 2012


Brazilian pork prices rise in Q1


From January to March 2012, Brazil's fresh and frozen pork exports rose by 3% as last year's beef exports increased by 6%, compared to the previous year.


Brazil's fresh and frozen pork exports dropped by 6% throughout 2011 compared to 2010. The decline was a result of Russia's imposition of a trade ban on imports from three major Brazilian pig producing states, according to the AHDB's latest European Market Survey.


Brazil's increase in pork exports during early 2012 is mainly due to a rise in exports to the Ukraine. Other markets also experienced growth, with shipments to Angola and Singapore up on the year.


Ireland's beef exports rose by 6% in 2011, despite a 2% drop in production. The UK continued to be Ireland's main market for beef. The EU remained a net exporter of beef last year, and demand for Irish beef on the continental market remained steady.


Ireland's shipments of beef to France, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Spain and Germany (apart from other small markets) increased.


According to figures released by the USDA, the US pig herd increased by 2% on March 1, 2012. Similar increases were recorded for all weight bands of pigs intended for slaughter, except the heaviest pigs which were up by less than 1%.


Meanwhile, EU meat prices rose 4.5% on year with the largest annual price increases generally recorded in Poland, Hungary and Estonia. Meat prices have been steadily increasing each month, with February's prices 0.3% higher than the previous month.

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