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Canada's swine sector: Two flat years past, and another to come
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Caught between years of underinvestment, unfair US trade laws and PEDv, Canada's pork output and exports are poised to stay flat.
Corn firms up as soy, palm, oilseed fundamentals weaken
Global Grain & Oilseed Markets
China's feed demand has fallen two years in a row. Importing 11 to 13 times soy than corn, the former will be impacted far more strongly than the latter.
Southeast Asia and India Enzyme Market Report
The gravity of Asia's third largest economy, India, with a robust projected growth of over 5% annually and over US$4.7 trillion in purchasing power parity ...
Mycotoxin Binder Market Report
The study provides insights on activities of foreign and local producers of mycotoxin binders in Asia. It also probes the usage of mycotoxin binders in ...
China Probiotics Study Outline
How widely used are probiotic products in China? Which are the most highly regarded brands? How satisfied are end-users of various products? What do users ...
China feed enzyme market size in 2012 is 33,000 tonnes with a market value of US$146 million
China's feed enzyme consumption reached 33,000 tonnes during 2012, a rise of about 10% compared with 2011's 30,000 tonnes. The major feed production provinces ...
A promising market with big challenges: The prismatic, multi-faceted world of feed supplements
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