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Philippine feed millers find imported wheat cheaper than local corn
Philippine animal feed manufacturers said they have resorted to using the lower-priced imported wheat ...
Brazil challenges Indonesia's chicken import ban
Brazil has filed a challenge against Indonesia's restrictions on Brazilian poultry meat imports, according ...
Global pork market to cool down in 4th quarter--Rabobank
The global pork market is expected to cool down in the fourth quarter this ...
EU study hopes to convert food wastes into animal feed
A research being funded by the EU hopes to convert agricultural wastes among member ...
Spanish researchers discover new natural fish feed
A new feed for farmed fish made from the small marine crustacean caprellid has ...
Commentary & Analysis
While other feed inputs are deflating, aquaculture output and fishmeal availability are going in opposite directions. Ocean current temperatures suggest that this vital protein meal could again set price records.
The exceptional feed input: Record fishmeal prices in an era of feed cost deflation?
Editor's Pick
Soy is not just in oversupply; it faces intensifying competition from oilseed alternatives such as palm oil and rape seed.
A glut of oilseeds: America's soy cornucopia, tropical oils to tip market balance
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World Dairy Expo
Every edition of the annual World Dairy Expo is marked by a captivating theme, and this year’s 48th edition is no different.
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FEED Business Worldwide - October 2014
Global aquaculture in transition as salmon, shrimp confront a major market turning point
While aquaculture's growth is dynamic and unstoppable, a decisive inflection points rocks the market fundamentals of leading eastern and western seafood lines.
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