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UK pig meat production crawls 1% ahead in 1016
Pig-meat production in the UK in 2016 increased 1% to 908,000 tonnes compared with ...
Global octopus landings on the uptrend
Global octopus landings appear to be on an increasing trend, according to a FAO ...
Vietnam pangasius exports in 2016 estimated to reach US$1.66B
Vietnamese pangasius exports in 2016 are estimated to hit US$1.66 billion, or 7% more ...
US pork exports in November set new record
US pork and beef exports in November rose more than 20% in both volume ...
Survey: Fish consumption in EU increasing
Fish consumption of Europeans is increasing, with 42% of them eating fish/aquaculture products at ...
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• Everywhere from America to China, human disease outbreaks caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria have been traced back to integrated farming operations ...
Livestock antibiotics: What you may not want to hear
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• The peaking and decline of world fishmeal production has brought the proportion of salmon feed accounted for by fishmeal from 60% to under 20%
Plant-based salmon feed: Health problems for fish, and for people too?
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PETSConnect Asia
A growing middle class, urbanisation, and humanisation of animal companions created the booming pet food industry. This lucrative industry is expected to grow within the next 10 years to US$18 billion, because pet owners want the best care and nutrition for their pet. Keeping up with these developing trends will require the quality materials and nutrients to create meals they want their pet to consume.
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