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EU livestock union leaders seek dialogue over Russia's meat ban
Trade union representatives from Europe's livestock and meat industries have called for a dialogue ...
Food safety issues imperil Vietnam's rapidly rising seafood exports
Food safety problemsthreaten to derail Vietnam's seafood exports, which have been rising rapidly since ...
China freezes approval of GMO soy
China has suspended processing the import approval for a genetically modified soy variety because ...
China to overtake US as largest dairy market by 2017--Euromonitor
The Euromonitor, a leading global market researcher and analyst, has predicted that China will ...
Thailand shrimp faces higher EU tariff from next year
Thailand's shrimp exports will face higher tariffs in the EU starting next year, further ...
Commentary & Analysis
Helped along by export tax cuts, palm oil is undercutting soy oil, bruising the latter's exporter crushing margins and threatening to bring protein meal prices down another notch.
Palm to create an oilseed feed bonanza?
Editor's Pick
One country's salmon aquaculture embarks on a new round of faster growth while the other sees output taper off.
Advantage, Norway: Top salmon exporters go in different directions
Industry Events
The 28th edition of SPACE, Salon des Productions Animales - Carrefour Européen or loosely translated as 'European crossroads at a livestock production exhibition', was held at Parc Expo, the fairground of Rennes Airport, from September 16th to 19th.
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FEED Business Worldwide - September 2014
A new era of low cost feed inputs?
For the first time in years, we are seeing low feed costs and high meat prices. Are there any looming threats to livestock farming's new found profitability?
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